FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Plug Fix can adapter last?

The Plug Fix is made of food-safe, high-quality plastic, does not have an expiry date and can be used for years.

Is the Plug Fix adapter really sealed?

The Plug Fix can adapter is very well sealed and also fits optimally on the can. Frothing is also reduced, which optimises drinking enjoyment! Some drops can form on the can, but this is not a fault on the Plug Fix and may be caused by minimal damage to the upper edge of the can (through transport or storage etc.). In general, only undamaged cans should be used!

How do I clean the Plug Fix can adapter?

The Plug Fix can be washed as normal in the dishwasher.

Is the Plug Fix also available in other colours?

For our end customers, the Plug Fix for beer (thick classic can) is available in green and for energy and cola/lemonade cans (slim can) in blue. From a quantity of 5000, other RAL colours are also possible.

Can the Plug Fix be printed with company or brand logos?

The Plug Fix can be printed individually and in up to 4 colours. It incurs a one-off fee of €95,- for creating the blueprint. Per Plug Fix, around 30 cents are charged for printing. Prices may vary depending on the quantity ordered!

Is the Plug Fix not rather expensive?

We exclusively use high-quality, food-safe, CE-certified plastic. This is free from harmful contamination, as may be the case for example for cheap products from China! The packaging of the Plug Fix is a reusable cup that can be used as a drinking glass or for storage. NO plastic waste is produced!!! A crown cap is also included for closing the can. The whole value-added chain for the Plug Fix can adapter is within Austria. We can therefore guarantee the highest quality and hygiene standards, so that you can enjoy your Plug Fix can adapter for many years!

Why does the Plug Fix not fit on my can?

Our Plug Fix range fits on 99% of drinks cans. It is possible that you have the wrong Plug Fix for your can. The green Plug Fix fits on most thick classic drinks cans of 0.3 and 0.5 l (beer, Monster Energy, Pepsi etc.). The blue Plug Fix is for slim cans (Red Bull, Coca Cola, Kong Strong etc.). Aluminium cans cannot be produced as precisely as our plastic, so it may be that the Plug Fix needs to be pushed on more firmly. Some cans also have an individual size and then unfortunately none of our Plug Fix models fit.

How do I remove the Plug Fix from the can?

Rotate the can around slightly… this allows any liquid at the top of the edge of the can to flow back in. Then press the Plug Fix lightly forwards and it can be removed without any drops.